2 Jan. '17: I'd like to announce a new rod I'll be doing very soon.  It's called the 70LS (Limited Series, or Little Stiffy). 
Some details: 
7' 6wt 3 piece black unsanded glass with tip over butt ferrules. I'll be making 10 of these on a custom basis. Pricing starts at $565, $200 deposit to secure a build. 
More info here:  http://cbarclayflyrods.com/smallwater/2017/1/2/70ls-small-water-streamer-rod-coming-soon

75p: In late 2014, I developed and built a series of 10 somewhat experimental truly parabolic blanks.  This was a 7’5″ 4/5wt 3 piece blanks that I ended up calling the 75p and it was my second Limited Edition series of fly rods with a run of ten.  The 7’5” 4/5 weight three piece parabolic rods were painted in a sunny yellow unsanded E-Glass with black spigot ferrules.

Admittedly, the yellow paint of the blanks ended up being a bit ‘louder’ than I expected but I decided to roll with it and I’m glad I did.  This series has been a huge success and was widely accepted by folks who have no experience with parabolic fly rods and from those who do.  This rod has become a go-to rod for me if I am not sure what I will encounter on a certain outing and it turns out that it can handle a three weight line if I want to speed things up a little and fishing small dries to rising trout or I can use a five weight line for throwing small poppers to smallies and bluegill.

There’s no end to the feel this rod provides and I built two of these rods with a ventilated grip to enhance that ‘flex all the way to your elbow’ feeling.  All rods had nickel silver seat hardware that was either left a matte finish or darkened – either cap and ring or dual band. 

Studio ThinLine:  Here is a truly special Limited Edition.  Koichi Ishizaka of Studio ThinLine in Japan gave the the honor of offering me his remaining inventory of blanks.  I bought his last seven 7’4″ 2/3wt tobacco glass blanks.  He made the most amazing tobacco glass blanks with unsurpassed feel and smoothness and his 7’4″ 2/3wt 3 piece was possibly the slowest of them all.  I built 7 of these blanks total.  They are a truly unique casting and fishing experience.