301b, 301a, 300b, 300a 

301b, 301a 

Kineya Fly reels

I have the distinct honor of being able to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the world.  Even more so I get to call them friends.  One friend, Masatoshi Okui of Kyoto Japan, who makes my seat hardware also makes the most wonderful classically styled fly reels I've ever handled.  These reels are the perfect companions for the rods I build.  

I have wanted to offer my own reels for a while and couldn't think of anyone better than Masatoshi to make small batches of them for me.  

I am initially offering the Kineya 300a, 300b, 301a and 301b reels.  More styles will come, with patience.  

The 300 style is similar in style and size to the scarce Hardy Tealweight.  These measure 2 11/16" across. The 'a' weighs 2.8 ounces/81 grams.  The 'b' weighs 4.5 ounces/128 grams.  

The 301 style is similar in style and size to the venerable Hardy Featherweight.  These measure 2 7/8" across.  The 'a' weighs 3.2 ounces/90 grams.  The 'b' weighs 5 ounces/145 grams.  

These reels have a subtle reversible right hand or left hand click.  The click is not brash but smooth and pleasing.

Kineya 301b, 300b 

Kineya 300b 

Kineya 300b 

Pricing and Availability

I plan to offer small batches of these reels as Mass is able to make them.  The style and quantity will vary.  I will keep this page up to date regarding stock and availability.  

The first batch has sold. More coming soon.

Please contact me for more information.  


300a & 301a $525 plus insured shipping

300b & 301b $545 plus insured shipping

All photos by Dave Fason, Greensboro, North Carolina