The following are my own exclusive designed and tested tapers.

The progressive rods. Smoothly progressive. Responsive. Stable. Sensitive. Sweet. Translucent Brown Ale color.

72-3: A 7'2" 3wt 3 piece that makes for a very fine small water rod.  Medium, deep bending and full working with a quick and stable recovery.  $545 shipped. IN STOCK!

78-4: A 7'8" 4wt 4 weight A great small to medium water do everything rod.  Medium fast, deep bending and full working with a quick and stable recovery.  Temporarily discontinued, 30 in total were made.  

710-5 : A 7'10" 5wt 3 piece Strong medium fast, deep bending and full working with a quick and stable recovery.  Also does well with a 6wt line. $545 shipped. IN STOCK!

My Progressive Glass line of rods began with a 7’2″ 3 weight 3 piece fiberglass rod made of the highest quality Uni-Directional fiberglass.  I chose to expand the line into a 7’8″ 4wt and 7’10” 5wt. in complimentary tapers to the original.  These have a deep, translucent ‘brown ale’ color  to reflect the smooth sweetness they embody.  

The parabolic rods...

64p: This rod is a semi-parabolic 6’4” 4 piece 4wt inspired by the venerable Paul Young Midge taper as well as the amazing Mario Wojnicki 77p4. These are short but surprisingly capable rods and I wanted to add something similar to my lineup. I took my Limited Edition 75p taper and modified it to create my 64p. I chose to make this more of a semi-parabolic taper that is very user-friendly with ample feel and finesse at very short distance but also is capable of reaching out and a controlled mend. With a 20” section length these make a very packable rod.  This blank is unsanded e-glass painted a sunny yellow with black spigot ferrules and is also be available in a deep, dark brown, almost black Stout color.  

70p: I'm very pleased to announce the arrival of the newest edition to my parabolic series of rods, the 70p.  This is an ultra smooth medium-fast semi-strong semi-parabolic 7' 3 or 4wt 4 piece small to medium water rod.  I designed this one to fit in with my sweet little 64p and the LTD 75p (coming to full production soon!), a rod for those that want something longer than the 64p and is another smaller sibling to the longer 75p.  It makes a great pack rod with a 22" section length.  I prefer this rod with a 406 Fly Lines DT4 and I know others have enjoyed it with a 3wt line.  I am offering this rod in both my sunny yellow as well as a deep 'stout' color.   

As far as comparing them goes... the 64p is perfect for the small streams where you pick up and put down your fly and need it to be very accurate.  You aren't fishing any great distances but if a larger fish grabs on  you're still capable of handling it.  Those are the situations I designed it for and where it shines but I'm finding that more and more folks are using it for more open water too (myself included).  

I designed the 70p to be identical to the 64p but longer at 7' rather than 6'4".  You basically have a little more reach and accuracy at greater distance and a little more power as well.  

The main idea behind this rod was as a backpacking rod that is about 22" (64p is about 20") packed down and a very versatile as an 'only rod' when carrying along on a backcountry overnight type of trip.   Also, some folks are just not comfortable with a rod under 7' so I wanted this one to fit them as well.

Here's what a friend/client has recently said:  "Rod were right, it doesn't cast anything like what I imagine a 'parabolic' rod to be...maybe because it's 'semi-parabolic'....that being said, it IS the small stream rod I've been looking for for years....personally, I think a 7 foot 4 weight is the perfect combination for small stream work and this rod is a fact, that's what I think you should call it!  Easily one of the two best casting rods I've cast in the past 5 years!"

75p:  A 7’5″ 4/5wt 4 piece smooth and parabolic.  The previous version was  a Limited Edition rod I built 10 of in 2014 - those were 3 piece rods.  It has been so well received that I have decided to reissue it on a permanent basis in a 4 piece configuration.  This blank is unsanded e-glass painted a sunny yellow with black spigot ferrules and will also be available in a deep, dark brown, almost black 'stout' color. $595   4/22 - These are back in stock!!

Here is a peak at the new dark brown espresso/stout color:

I designed all of these rods and have them made for me by a high quality, well respected Japanese blank maker.

Casting videos below…

For questions and to place an order Contact me.  

Featuring only the highest quality fittings…

  • Snake Brand light wire Universal Guides in their new ECOating left bright or darkened
  • Classic and durable Mildrum carbide stripping guides
  • Custom designed brass reel seat hardware made by Masatoshi Okui of KINEYA Reels
  • Flor Grade Portuguese cork grips and seats.  My standard grip shape is a modified variation of a classic Wells shape, a modified cigar or a Young Driggs shape
  • The finest silk wrappings
  • Marine grade spar varnish
  • Mill finish aluminum tube with domed brass ends
  • Custom designed and made rod sock
  • Optional DeLuxe version Garrison style wood reel seat insert in mahogany or walnut as well as matching wraps.

Please feel free to ask for line suggestions to go along with your rod.  I am a dealer for 406 Fly Lines and highly recommend them for all my rods.  Please contact me to buy.

What people are saying about these rods:

“I really appreciate the continuity across the three lengths and line wts…  There are definitely no surprises like you find in some other contemporary glass lines..  

The rods are a delight to cast…  Every customer that bought a 3wt and likes its casting charateristics will be thrilled with the 4wt and 5wt…”

“I love how you have stripped away all of the superfluous and gotten to the pure essence of the fly rod –  the “Un-gilded Lilly”.” ~Tom

“just opened up the box to check out the new gem! damn fine work… varnish looks great and the cork grip is divine in shape and feel… whole rod is simple but elegant… well thought out in your appointments..”  “also, being a sucker for details… the bag is superb as well. the button and band is classy”  “simply put, i’m very, very happy w/ my purchase. will be eager to see more models develop and hope to add a few others as funds are available.” ~Matt

“I received the rod today – you are a true artist!The attention to detail is apparent in everything – I could not be more pleased! From the ‘waggle the rod in the shop’ test, I can already sense the action on this rod is perfect.  For fiberglass, not too slow (like some noodles I’ve seen) and fast enough to have the range of talent (close in, far-ish out) to make this the rod that will come out with me 99% of the time.”  ~Vic

“I have to say Itfeels, to use your words, sweet! The reel seat is excellent.  I placed a Bogdan Narrow Baby Trouton itand she sat perfectly. Nice compliment. As far as the rest of the rodand package everything appears top shelf. Ireally appreciate your attention to detail. Thank you for offering thisrod and shipping promptly. This rodappears  to be head and shoulders above most glass rods out there and  will sit proudly next to my Peak, Cummings, Claudio and Leonard glass rods. I may have to look more closely at theotherrod configurations that you offer.” ~Mark

 “I just have to tell you again how nuts I am about your new rod.  It’s just so much fun to cast that I cannot put it down.” ~Tom