Below are some rod series that are now retired and 'in the vault'.  

Progressive Series:  Progressive tapers 7'2" 3wt, 7' 4wt, 7'8" 4wt, 7'10" 5wt in a translucent brown ale color sanded unidirectional S glass.   This is my original series and started with the 7'2" 3wt in 2013.  I later developed the 7'8' 4wt and the 7'10" 5wt.  These were a strong, smooth, sweet and responsive tapers.  I made about 120 723's, 8 704's, 30 784's and 90 7105's

Parabolic Series: This started with a Limited Edition 75p which was a 7'5" 4/5wt 3 piece fully parabolic rod. I made 10 of these in a bright sunny yellow color and they were so well received that I broadened the range with a 64p and 70p.  These blanks were unsanded E glass painted a sunny yellow with black spigot ferrules and were also be available in a deep, dark brown, almost black 'stout' color.

64p: This rod is a semi-parabolic 6’4” 4 piece 4wt inspired by the venerable Paul Young Midge taper as well as the amazing Mario Wojnicki 77p4. These are short but surprisingly capable rods and I wanted to add something similar to my lineup. I took my Limited Edition 75p taper and modified it to create my 64p. I chose to make this more of a semi-parabolic taper that is very user-friendly with ample feel and finesse at very short distance but also is capable of reaching out and a controlled mend. With a 20” section length these make a very packable rod.  This blank is unsanded e-glass painted a sunny yellow with black spigot ferrules and was also available in a deep, dark brown, almost black Stout color.  This rod was called by many a Laser Pointer due to it's ease in casting and accuracy.  I made about 90 64p's

70p: This is an ultra smooth medium-fast semi-strong semi-parabolic 7' 3 or 4wt 4 piece small to medium water rod.  I designed this one to fit in with my sweet little 64p and the 75p (coming to full production soon!), a rod for those that want something longer than the 64p and is another smaller sibling to the longer 75p.  It made a great pack rod with a 22" section length.  I offered this rod in both my sunny yellow as well as a deep 'stout' color.   This rod was my personal favorite of the P series.  I made about 90 70p's

75p:  A 7’5″ 4/5wt 4 piece smooth and parabolic.  The previous version was  a Limited Edition rod I built 10 of in 2014 - those were 3 piece rods.  It was so well received that I decided to reissue it in a 4 piece configuration.  I made about 90 75p's.

Studio ThinLine:  Here is a truly special Limited Edition.  Koichi Ishizaka of Studio ThinLine in Japan gave the the honor of offering me his remaining inventory of blanks.  I bought his last seven 7’4″ 2/3wt tobacco glass blanks.  He made the most amazing tobacco glass blanks with unsurpassed feel and smoothness and his 7’4″ 2/3wt 3 piece was possibly the slowest of them all.  I built 7 of these blanks total.  They are a truly unique casting and fishing experience.