Special Delivery in VA

This past weekend I had the opportunity to drive up to a mountain in Virginia to deliver a rod and do a little fishing. 
I left Saturday afternoon, drove 60 miles and arrived before sundown. I had enough time to find a few trees to hang my hammock from and do some exploring. 

Then next morning I woke up to nice crisp mountain air, dew on my face and pale sunlight peeking through the trees. I hiked back to my car for some coffee and oatmeal. 

Pretty soon Rob rolled up and after introductions I handed off his new rod and he handed me a few VA beers to sample. We geared up and started hiking. 

A killer ant-like pattern that Brandon Bailes ties.  

Pretty soon we our flies we're on the water and we were catching fish. 

70p, dry flies and mossy rocks

We hiked for a while, caught a bunch of beautiful fish and had great conversation. 

Stella grabbed my camp pillow out of the back and took herself a nap on the way home. Must've been a rough day for her.

Thanks for looking.