Spigot Ferrules: Part of the Design

Spigot Ferrules: part of the rod design

I get a lot of questions regarding spigot ferrules.  Up until recently I have chose to use spigot ferrules on my fiberglass fly rods exclusively. When assembled, spigot ferrules have a gap of 1/8" to 3/8" between rod sections.  This prevents the sections from rubbing against each other and allows for future
wear*.   Spigot ferrules do not need wax, but a light coat of hard wax can be used.  Wax should be applied sparingly and buffed into the male ferrule and all excess should be removed  to prevent collection of debris.

Forcing the two sections together and pushing is a big no-no.  It only takes a small amount of pressure to assemble the sections and usually takes a slight 'push-twist' to assemble and line up the sections.  To separate the sections a 'twist-pull' action takes care of it.  

*Wear gap between sections:  Again, a small 1/8"-3/8" gap is normal and allows for potential eventual wear down.  Though with the modern materials I use, and proper care the ends should never meet and there will be a healthy gap between the sections for a very long time.  If a repair is needed because there is an improper fit or the gap is too close, it is fairly easy and quickly done.