I have fished since I could walk. I cut my teeth fishing for bream and bass in southern farm ponds with my mom, grandmother, uncles and cousins. My fishing evolved into fast-paced bass tournaments. I started fly fishing while in college in Nacogdoches, Texas shortly after marrying my lovely and understanding wife, Valerie. We moved to St. Louis in 2001 and now have two amazing children as well as a semi-wild cat and the ever present and obedient Australian Cattle Dog Stella – all inside a 1907 brick house that needs constant attention. Since moving to St. Louis I have discovered the joys of wild trout in small streams, however I still hold on to my love for bluegill and bass, the fish of my youth.

The first time I fly fished, I rediscovered my passion for fishing. It was so simple and pure. It didn’t involve 15 rods and 50 pounds of plastic worms and crank baits. It was quiet and self-paced. No 200hp bass boats. No weigh-ins. Very much like when I started fishing as a kid.

I like my fly rods to reflect that functional simplicity. Building fly rods in a classic, timeless style is a passion of mine. I enjoy building rods almost as much as I enjoy fishing. Working as a trim carpenter after college taught me a tremendous sense of attention to detail and pride of workmanship. Working in people’s homes taught me customer service. I pride myself on both. I build on fiberglass, bamboo and graphite blanks from a variety of makers and of my own design. They are designed to help my fellow fly fishers enjoy fishing, not add to life’s complexity.

Thanks, and good fishing!  Chris