Yet another blog?

BLOG!? Unfortunately my old blog The Bream Bum is no more after being left alone for far too long. And I've been asked occasionally if I'll start up another blog that centers around rod building, fishing and other related, or not so related ideas.

So after thinking about it I figured that it would be a good and fun idea. I also needed to overhaul my website so I decided to do both at once.     

I decided to call my blog small water mainly because that's where I prefer to fish.  It's simple and peaceful, challenging and fun.  Recently I heard from a client whom I built a rod for and he said that he loved the simplicity of my work and that simplicity, when it's boiled down is quite complex in the attention to detail and care and restraint it takes to accomplish.  Thanking him, I remarked that some do not like simplicity and are not comfortable with it.  His response was a quote with an unclear origin - 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.'  This has stuck with and encouraged me.

 Most of my rods are designed to fish small water and I feel at home on small water.  And, if you consider it, all water can be considered small.  When fishing with my friend Tomo (of Ijuin-Rod) last year I came to truly understand that if you pay attention to the details, all water is small.  Whether it be the foam lines on the Manistee and AuSable, the current seams on the Battenkill or the small open area between the lily pads on a Texas farm pond.  Fly fishing is about the process and details, and that's what small water is about.

So, thank you for being here.  And while you're here, please check out my new and updated website!  Please come back often and tell your friends.  Sometime soon I hope to figure out how to put one of those little sign up boxes on here for you to put in your email address to subscribe to updates, newsletters, etc. So be on the lookout for that.

Thanks and good fishing!


Small water in the Driftless Area.

Small water in the Driftless Area.