Nearly spring

Hello everyone, it's been too long.  Sorry 'bout that!  I have been busy finishing out winter strong building rods, fishing a little and spending time with my family.  I've also been working on plans for the first ever Coullee Conclave in Viroqua, WI at the end of April.  More on that soon. For now, looky here:

I fished yesterday at a small Ozark spring creek that is the closest thing to my home waters for trout.  It's a wonderful, beautiful, fickle stretch of water that harbors some of the most beautiful little wild rainbows you've ever seen.  It'll reward hard work and will humble you all the same.  Stella and I spent the day there walking and stalking and wandering around.  It was the first time I had been there after the massive floods after Christmas.  The creek had changed for the better with more habitat for the fish as well as the bugs and it was a refreshing sight to see and take in. This will be a very good year there. 

Healthy water

After fishing for a while I came upon another person who got there before me. It's a hard stream to fish when another person is fishing it.  So I turned around and fished different water than I'm used to.  

The catching was slow but it was an incredible day to be out.  

A fairly large 9" wild Ozark rainbow on an Adams

Stunning little fatty

I was using my 64p which I designed on this creek.  Delicacy and accuracy are a must here.  

I'm looking forward to spending more spring days here this year.  But I also can't wait to get into some springtime smallies and bluegill as well.  Spring is possibly my favorite time of year with redwing blackbirds showing up, the fish starting to get active and the redbuds and dogwoods decorating the banks.  This is going to be a very good year.  

Again, more on the Coulee Conclave soon.  Stay tuned, register and secure your lodgings!

Good fishing!  Chris