A day fishing small water in Ozarks

This week I had an opportunity to break away for a day of fishing.  I went with a friend that I'd been trying to go fish with for a long time but it just never could work out.  Finally we were about to get out and fish for some Ozark rainbows on a beautiful spring creek.  

While he's a great guy and fisherman, Geoff is also an amazing photographer.  Here are some of the pictures he shot: (all the photos below but the last one are by Geoff Anderson)

I think the fish was trying for a 'high five' as it swam away.

A very happy heeler.

The subtle and not so subtle details of these fish always amaze me.

Stella was a little overly interested in the fish.  So much so that she ended up accidentally biting my fly and we ended up having to extract an elk hair caddis from her tongue.

This is my picture to show the photographer and the contrast between his photos and mine.