Water Color Artist Julie Dockery

Not too long after moving to Winston-Salem I met a friend of a friend who is a water color artist. I started to watch her Instagram page and loved what she was doing.

A few months back I saw her at a friend’s birthday party and she asked my thoughts about painting fish. I LOVE fish art so I got uncomfortably excited and encouraged her to go for it. I sent her a few pictures for samples.

Yesterday I met with her to see what she’s been working on and I was totally blown away. She’s made these fish print cards that are incredible.

I think it’s a shame for people not to know about and enjoy what she’s doing and I know many of my friends out there would appreciate her work. So please give them a look. Check out Julie’s website at www.juliedockery.com and follow her on Instagram @juliedockery13. I hope to be able to offer these for sale soon and if you order a rod from me, be sure to look for one of these in the box.

Here are some cards I came home with yesterday. My pictures don’t do them justice so you’ll need to buy some for yourself. Also check out her original paintings. Simple and classic. You’ll love them!

“Rainbow” by Julie Dockery

“Brown Trout” by Julie Dockery

“Brook With Hook” by Julie Dockery

“Brook With Blue Lining” by Julie Dockery

Does that one look familiar? It’s probably my favorite one - I remember that moment pretty clearly.

Photo by Dave Fason

Hope y’all enjoy.

Good fishing!