I’m not usually so comfortable with publicity. I mean I like to be noticed and appreciated but overall, like any good old fashioned introvert, I’d rather just keep to myself and fish. It’s hard to make a living staying in the shadows though, so I thought I’d share a few things that have come out recently…

This is Fly magazine: My good friend Dave Fason wrote up a little something in This Is Fly - page 70. Also check out page 142 for my other good friend Aaron Reed’s write up on our Southwest trip back in September. He captures it well. Aaron is a good dude and you can find more info about him here:

Remote. No Pressure fly fishing podcast. Check out season 1 episode 62 to listen to my sultry monotone. Feel free to put it on 2x speed because I kinda talk slow.

More stuff coming out over next many moons and I’ll be sure to update here.

Thanks and good fishing!!


Here’s a pretty waterfall.

Here’s a pretty waterfall.