Early Spring in the Blue Ridge

A few weeks back Fishing Buddy Dave and I fished a nearby creek. He took great pictures. We caught fish. We saw life peaking out and bugs in the air.

The ravages of winter and life.

Stella pays attention to everything. I would love to know her thoughts.

A wee stonefly taking a break on my shoulder.

Can’t hold new life back.

Saw a bunch of these mayflies in the air. Fish were mostly feeding on the nymphs but we caught a few on dries.

Walking the old logging trails.

Fishing and scrambling up the slots.

A colored up wee fella.

Dave used sinking flies. And caught more fish.

Trying not to fall.

A hungry little fatty.

Casting to the fishy part of the pool under a downed tree.

Just sitting and watching the water. Much of fishing is enjoying the moment and reviving.