I went fishing last week

Someone asked me recently if I ever get any work done and do I only go fishing? My answer was an unequivocal and hearty ‘YES’. Being your own boss has perks. Like fishing. But it’s also a necessary part of building fly rods as part of ‘research and development’. So last week I took my new Synthesis 66 (a 6’6” 2wt 4 piece rod) out for some exploring. I’d fished in the area before but not this particular creek. I had a feeling it’d be good and I really wanted to see all of the fishable water so I had a mission. When on a mission like this, part of it is covering ground to check out the fishery and the other part is to fish to get to know the personality of the fish there. This is a good time of year to do that since the trees still don’t have leaves and you can see the whole terrain through the forest, and the fish are starting to get active. The struggle is to keep the exploration momentum is real if the fish are biting though so it takes strict discipline as seen in the photos below.

On the way there…

There… good pools and plentiful runs. Decent game trails and beautiful fish.

More… tired dog, a stowaway mayfly and pretty fish. And a little exploration for different access next time.

My conclusion is that this stream needs more ‘me’ time. I loved it. The water is clear and healthy, the fish are smart and eager and the pools are plentiful. This will be a good early summer spot for sure.