The Golden Trout Bonanza: part three, looking back

As Dave and I drove down from 10000’ elevation to the lower desert on the way back to LA we reflected on our three and a half days there in the eastern Sierras. Lots of new discoveries and experiences in fishing. Both choosy fish and fish that strike with abandon. Lots of flies lost. Lots of fish caught. The multiple personalities of a single stream that went from higher gradient plunge pools to meandering meadow to nearly a swamp. This was simply a fishing trip that we both needed. It just so happened it was also a ‘work’ trip for me to test the rods. Bonus! Looking back on the trip I see that it was one of those adventures that gave and did not take away. I felt refreshed and restored. Maybe it was the elevation, or the incredible beauty of the fish and the uniqueness of the area. Sometimes when I visit some place that I really enjoy I come back thinking of ways to live there or fantasizing about moving there. Not this time. I wanted to keep it at arms length and admire it in my memory and from across the country. It was that kind of special.

Dave put together a video that truly captures the moments that made this adventure what it was. I hope you enjoy.